13th December 2020

Church Online

Welcome to this week’s online worship experience.

Welcome to Church Online

Welcome to our online church service for this final ‘normal Sunday’ of 2020! Today we wrap up our Good News series, with Ben speaking on the good news of inclusion in Christ.

With Christmas nearly here, we invite you to be praying BIG prayers with us for how God will work through our online services. We have 2 online services this year – a Carols service (available from Sat 19th December at 5pm) and a Christmas service (available from Thursday 24th December at 5pm). We are hosting some onsite screenings of these services as well. To register for an onsite screening, double check details of the online services or to engage with our suggested Christmas giving this year click the link below.

You can also download and use our accompanying Service Guide through the link below to help make the most of our service.

After the service, send through a message to our pastoral team (especially if you are new here!). Also please do let us know of any answers to your big prayers prayed in November-December so far!

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Church Gatherings onsite

As restrictions continue to ease, we are seeing more people gather onsite to connect, worship together and watch our online services in community. As a registered Covid Safe organisation, each gathering complies with all physical distancing and health requirements. Registration is required for each gathering.

To register for one of our Carols or Christmas Service onsite screenings, follow the below link.

Kids and Youth Resources

The links below will take you through to separate pages where you can access the age specific resources that have been prepared for our children and youth.

Stay Connected

We encourage you to stay as connected to the community and life of PBC as possible.

  • Sign up to our E-Newsletter
  • Follow our Facebook Page
  • Engage with our weekly online service experience
  • Contact the pastoral team with questions, concerns, prayer requests or if assistance is required
  •  Make use of all methods of communication (phone, email, social media, or in person as appropriate) to stay connected with our
    church family

Give Online

Thank you to all who financially support the work of Parramatta Baptist Church.

If you normally give through the weekly offering in our services, please consider giving via  direct deposit into our church account or through the link below.

Direct Deposit Details:
Parramatta Baptist Church
BSB 704 – 922
Account No 100014949

Serve in Love

We urge you to be mindful of the needs of others in our church family and broader community.

  • Regularly reach out to connect and  check in with one another.
  • Be proactive in  praying for, supporting and encouraging one another.
  • Offer to provide practical assistance where possible for those in need.
  • Continue being salt and light among the people and places God has sent you to.


Thank you for joining us through this online worship experience.

Our prayer is that you’ve found this time valuable in communing with others, engaging your faith and being challenged to live as the Salt and Light that you are…

Blessings from the PBC Pastoral Team

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