Welcome to Sunday Morning Youth!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Youth Online! It is SO good to have you join us! Check out the video to the right to hear what’s going on and then keep reading! 

It is the last week of the term which means that we are going to take a few weeks off, but make sure you jump onto the Easter services we will be running, and come in person to our 8:45am service when you can 🙂 

Today’s Activities
28th March

This term we are looking at how to read the Bible and hear God’s voice from it, and each week we are doing some fun segments as part of our videos! Over the last few weeks, we have seen that, in order to interpret and read the Bible well, we need to know both its context and its genre. Looking for context means that when we read books of the Bible, we need to look at how it fits in with the rest of the Bible, as well as when it was written, who wrote it and why. Finding the genre means that we need to find out what kind of book it is – ie. is it story, poetry, law, a letter, etc. – because, just like how country music is very different to rock music, books of the Bible can be very different too!

This week we aren’t looking at how to read a book of the Bible, and instead are talking about one of the most imprtant things to do when we read God’s word. Prayer! The Bible is God’s word to us, so of course it makes sense that when we read it, we should be talking to him about it! Prayer is one of the most powerful things we have because we are given the opportunity to talk to the greatest being ever – the guy who created the whole universe and holds it in the palm of his hand – and the Bible says that he listens to us! How great is that?!

Today, we have no passage chosen for you to read, instead your challenge is to choose one for yourself! You can choose to do whatever passage you want, and as you read it be praying and asking God to speak to you from it! If you need some help understanding the context or the genre of the passage, make sure you use the cheat sheet below! So – do the challenge below, see what you feel like God might be saying to you from the passage you choose and let us know how you go! 

Today’s Challenge:
  • Choose a passage in your Bible, and read it a few times to get it in your head
  • Pray, asking God to speak to you from this passage
  • Ask yourself:
    • What do I think God might be saying to me from this passage?
    • Is there anything I can do in response to this passage?

Below is a small cheet sheet that summarises all the things we’ve looked at this term. Do remember that it’s just a short summary to help you get started – there’s lots of things we can do and think about when we read the Bible! Feel free to send through any thoughts, comments or questions in the comment box below!!