Connecting together

Connection is an important part of our PBC community.
During this season our desire is to create opportunities for everyone to find a place of connection with others, be that in homes, in the church auditorium or online.

Here you’ll find information on how to stay connected as we seek to be community together safely.

Gathering at Church

Under the current gathering restrictions, we are able to host up to 100 people in our church auditorium. As a result we will be hosting gatherings at 8.45am & 5.30pm at which we’ll engage with the church online services. If you’d like to be a part of these weekly gatherings, please watch this explanation video and don’t forget to register ahead of time.

Children & Youth programs are now on once again at the 8:45am service!  Make sure to register your kids with the right program, and if you have questions, contact Lynn, Mirielle or Ben S for more information.

Register Below

Please use the links below to register for each Sunday’s onsite gathering.