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God’s design is that we be part of a healthy community marked by love. So we don’t see church as an event to attend on Sunday but see church as a family on mission together who love, serve, laugh with and support each other through the ups and downs of life. Life and faith is a whole lot better when done with others.

If you are ready to make Parramatta Baptist Church your faith community, or already attend and are looking for greater connection then we encourage you to plug in and connect by:

Committing to one Sunday Service

We currently run three Sunday services and encourage everyone to choose and commit to regularly attending one of them. This gives you the best chance to know those at that service and to feel a part of that community. We also encourage everyone to speak with each other after the service, invite each other out for coffee or over for a meal, and to share with each other what God is doing in your life at the moment.

Joining a Group

There is wide range of programs, events and short courses where we connect with each other outside of a Sunday service. We run ministries for children, youth and young adults, run men’s and women’s events, playtimes for parents to connect as well as many more interest based groups. A great next step would be to have a read of the range of ministries at PBC and consider becoming involved in some.

(We also reckon that one of the best ways to connect and feel a part of our community is to serve alongside others, so make sure you check out our ‘Serve’ next step as well).

Joining a Small Group

Small Groups are just that; a small group (usually of 6-12 people) that meet regularly to share life, discuss the Bible and to pray for each other. In a growing church these small groups are a vital part of our church life as they provide a loving environment for mutual support, encouragement and the formation of close community.

To enquire further about one of our ministry groups or to let the pastors know you are looking for a small group please fill in our Explore & Connect form.

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Northmead Address

84-94 Kleins Road, Northmead NSW 2152 Australia


02 9630 3515