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Faith in Jesus

If you curious about the Christian faith, searching for meaning or examining the claims of Jesus for yourself, then we would value the opportunity to share with you what Jesus means to us. ‘Ask Anything’, ‘Christianity Explored’ and ‘Alpha’ are three courses we run that help explain the Christian faith with opportunity for discussion and questions. ‘Alpha’ is also suitable for Christians wishing to strengthen their understanding of the fundamental beliefs of Christianity.

Our pastors are also available during the week if you want to talk to them one-to-one about your search for faith, your new-found faith or any doubts you might be struggling with as a Christian.

To enquire about joining the next Ask Anything, Christianity Explored or Alpha course or to speak to a pastor about faith, please fill in our Explore & Connect form.

Our Church

After an initial browse around our website, the best way to get to know us as a church is to spend some time with us in person. If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to visit one of our Sunday services, fill in a response card to let us know you visited and hang around afterwards to meet some of us.


If you have been coming for a few weeks and feel ready to learn more about PBC then attending one of the ‘Newcomers’ afternoons or evenings would be your next step. These provide the opportunity to get to know some of our pastors and other newcomers in a relaxed setting while learning more about the vision and values of our church.

To let us know you’ve visited, pass on your details or RSVP to the next Newcomer’s night, please fill in our Explore & Connect form.


Sunday Services

8:45am, 10:45am & 5:30pm

Northmead Address

84-94 Kleins Road, Northmead NSW 2152 Australia


02 9630 3515