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We believe that the healthiest Christian is a growing Christian, and encourage all people to actively pursue all that God has for them.
If you desiring to grow in your spiritual life, we encourage you to:

Attend our Short Courses/Equipping Nights

Courses we have run in the past explored topics such as: prayer, apologetics, healing, hearing from God, and Bible-based DVD curriculum. We also periodically run single night events with worship and creative response elements aimed to reignite passion for God. To find out what courses are coming up, please sign up to our weekly newsletter or view our upcoming events.

Join a Growth Group

Small Groups play a vital role in the life of our church. These small groups of usually 6-12 people are not only a great place for discussion, community and support but are also a catalytic environment for personal and spiritual growth. If you are not currently in a group we highly recommend you seek one out and commit to regularly attending.
DNA triplets (Discipleship, Nurture and Accountability) are another helpful way to grow, as you journey with two others of the same gender with a high degree of intentionality and accountability. We can also assist you in finding a mentor. Mentors are a great way to grow with and learn from a more experienced Christian.

Spiritual Disciplines

We strongly encourage every person to take responsibility to nurture and grow their relationship with God through prayer, reading God’s Word and other spiritual disciplines. If you would like a resource to assist with reading the Bible, or be further equipped in your prayer life see one of the pastoral team.
To find a small group, DNA triplet or mentor, or talk to one of our pastors about your spiritual growth and vitality please fill in our Grow & Serve form.


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