May 10th 2020 Term 2 Week 2!

Precious Pebbles!


Hi PP! last week we heard that God made the whole world and everything in it! And the very best thing He made was people. God gave Adam and Eve everything they needed and they could talk to Him every day.


Did you sing our new songs this week?

Practise the actions with Emily

Now try them with the music!


Adam and Eve were good friends with God. They loved the garden He gave them and they loved talking to God and being friends together. But someone in the garden did not like this. They did not want Adam and Eve to listen to God or be His friends.

Do you know who that was?


Isn’t it sad that Adam and Eve decided to be friends with the Sneaky Snake instead of God?            Let’s talk to God about it.

Dear God, You love us very much and want to be our friend. Thank you for giving us everything we need. We are sorry when we are not a good friend. Amen.


Here’s an easy snake craft you can watch and help PP make. You’ll have to cut out the snake but before that PP can decorate the plate with:

  • Texta and crayon
  • finger paint
  • cut-out spots
  • cut-out shapes
  • newspaper scraps
  • stickers