April 5th 2020 Palm Sunday – Hooray for King Jesus!

Precious Pebbles!

Welcome to the first of our Easter Series. Precious Pebbles have been looking at following
Jesus through the gospel of John and this week they will see that Jesus’ followers
hailed Him as their King upon his arrival into Jerusalem for the Passover festival.

John 12:12-16

Starting activities

Jesus had many friends who followed him. Jesus was their leader and they listened to what Jesus said.
Point to your listening ears. Now listen closely!

Jesus told his friends to stay close to him and walk with him because he is their light.
He will show them the way to go. Do you remember our song about walking in the light?
Let’s get up now and sing our song with our voices and actions.


Jesus friends were very excited to follow Jesus.

They thought He was the KING! God’s King for his people.  A King who would love them and keep them safe.  Jesus friends called him King Jesus!

Choose someone to be King Jesus and follow them as you listen to ‘Follow, follow’ (Emu Music)

Story Time

Run through the story below together (you can also read it in a Kid’s Bible)


Jesus, you love us and keep us safe. You are the king we follow. Amen.

A little extra


Collect some palm leaves, clothes and toys and act out the story with your Precious Pebble.

‘Jesus Song’ (Saddleback Kids)

This is the Easter story in a country and western song y’all! The first verse and chorus cover Jesus and Palm Sunday (1:10). Keep viewing and you’ll get the crucifixion and resurrection too.