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Today there are some sections of congregation participation where the recording has been shortened. Please pause your playing if you wish to contemplate as suggested by Travis.
Stephen & Kathy open up plans for PBC for the next 3 to 5 years. At approx 10 minutes into the recording the video screen displayed cardboard testimonies (no dialogue).…
This in the final in our series "One-anothering".
In a sequel to last week's message, Travis speaks on guarding one another- the fifth topic in our "One-anothering" series.
In the fourth "One-anothering" installment, Travis speaks on 'To Impact'. Note that congregation discussion sections have been shortened in the editing of this recording. Please pause playing if you wish…
Steve brings us 'For Peace' the third topic in our 'One-anothering' series.
At our evening service, despite a power failure,  Ben Sterland speaks on Humility (the second topic in our "One-anothering" series).
Des Ong brings us a message on Humility (the second topic in our "One-anothering" series) at our morning service(s).
Kathy launches our new series, "One-anothering" with a message on Serving.

Workship is Worthship

13 October 2019


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