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Parramatta Baptist

Welcome. We are so glad you are choosing to connect with us this way and trust these online service experiences will be a blessing that draws you closer to God.

We invite you to engage, participate and interact with our most recent online worship experience by click the link below.

Our heart for this season

Is to continue living out the vision and values of PBC.  For each of us to keep learning to live and love like Jesus. For each of us to keep being salt and light to the world around us. For each of us to find and embrace creative ways to be the church together.

Online Worship Experience

Is designed to be a blessing to all who choose to engage with it during this time we are unable to physically meet together. We will make each week’s new online worship experience available on Sundays.  Simply return to this page and click on the link to begin.

Community in this season

Is more important than ever. We continue to be one church family, who look after one-another. We call on everyone to be thinking of others, and being proactive in expressing practical love and support.  If you are struggling, please reach out to the pastoral team as we are here to help.

How to Engage Online…


CONNECT with the online services.

Every week there will be a facilitated, online service experience you can engage with. We encourage you to set aside the time to meaningfully engage and move through the service, preferably on a Sunday if able.

These online services are best experienced in community with others where safe and possible, as there will be opportunities to interact with others as part of the online church services. We ask that you familiarise yourself with and observe the health services recommendations and guidelines regarding safety during COVID-19.

For those who are at high-risk, sick, self isolating or unable to meet in person, we still encourage finding a way of connecting with the service in community with others (possibly via phone, skype or the like).


As part of the online service experince, you will be directed to pray – either on your own or with those you gather with.

Prayer gives us a means of being still and knowing that our Father is God and in control.
Prayer gives voice to our praise and gratitude towards God.
Prayer gives us the opportunity to reorient our hearts and lives around the Lordship of Jesus.
Prayer allows space to listen to hear from God.
Prayer also gives us the chance to pray for those things that are meaningful to us and intercede for people in our lives.

Take some time to pray for…

  • … God’s protection, safety, healing and strength in our nation and world (especially over those on the front lines of treating COVID-19 patients).
  • … for yourself and for our church family, especially prayer for the Spirit’s ongoing work of transformation in our lives and the ways that God will use this season to be at work among us.
  • … the ways and opportunities we have to be salt and light. Pray by name for the people that God has laid on our hearts.

SERVE our church family and the world around us.

Serving is a vital part of being the church together and we trust you will find beautiful and creative ways of serving others in this season. We would love to see everyone adopt a simple pattern of serving others sometime over your Sunday by:


  • Contacting another person from our church family and see how they’re going. How can you encourage them in their faith? Are there any practical ways you can love and support them?
  • Do the same for those around you who don’t yet know Jesus, by reaching out and seeing if there are any practical ways you can love and support them. Now is an opportune time to love our world as those send in the name and love of Jesus.

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The PBC Pastoral Team