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At PBC we hold to the idea that each of us is a work in progress. Loved by God just as we are, yet ever-called into his good plan and purpose for our lives. Whether you are looking to explore the Christian faith, or to keep growing as a disciple of Jesus, consider what your next step might be.


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Whatever your starting point is, whether you are from a different faith background, are skeptical about the Bible, have a negative perception of the church, or perhaps believe in God but have never experienced a relationship with Jesus or read the Bible before, we are glad that you want to explore! Our desire is to create safe and non-judgemental contexts where you can explore the Christian faith and come to convictions for yourself. Here are some ways to explore:

Look into the Bible

The best place to start is to begin reading the Bible and consider what it teaches. This can be easier when you read it with someone so that you can discuss it and share your thoughts together. At PBC, there are many people who love reading the Bible with people who want to explore faith. They’re not experts, but fellow learners. If you would like to read the Bible with someone at a time and location convenient for you, please express your interest here. Just commit to 4 sessions, see how it goes and then decide whether you want to continue.


Do the Alpha course

Life presents big questions – questions about meaning, purpose and belonging. Alpha is a space for honest conversations where the big questions can be explored. It is a space for sharing of ideas. Alpha is a series of 10 interactive and fun sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. In each session you share a meal, watch a video and then discuss the questions raised.

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Come to a Sunday gathering

Another way to explore faith is by coming to a Sunday gathering at 8.45am, 10.45am or 5.30pm. We often hear from people how positive their first-time experience was. Coming to a gathering gives you the opportunity to experience how we express our faith as a community. And it is a great way to meet people. You can just turn up, but if you wish, let us know that you’re intending to join us and we’ll look out for you.

Next step

As a disciple

For every follower of Jesus, growth is to be a lifelong orientation. Growth needs intentionality on our part. It doesn’t just happen. When I orient myself to grow in Christ, who I am today is not who I will still be in a year’s time. God’s intention is to make each of us into the likeness of Jesus and to raise us up as disciples who bear much fruit.

Growing as a disciple

Jesus invites us to grow in 3 core directions:


We are to grow in our relationship with God. This is about growing in love, knowledge and obedience to God.


We seek to share our faith with those who don’t yet know Jesus. It is always an incredible privilege for God to use us to disciple others toward faith in Him.


We are to grow in our relationships with other believers. The Bible speaks of us being like a body – interconnected, loving and serving one another.

Where can I grow at PBC?

Here are some resources and next steps, provided to help you grow as a disciple.

Small groups

Join a group

DNA group

Begin a group


Come receive prayer

Serve with us

Join a ministry team

Share your faith

Explore how

Small Groups

At PBC we have hundreds of people who meet together throughout the week in smaller groups to encourage each other in growing upwards, inwards and outwards. Typically, these groups will discuss God’s word together, pray with and for one another and support one another in living as disciples. Small groups enable people to connect with each other in a deeper way than in our larger gatherings and are an important aspect of loving and caring for one another. For further information about our small groups, please reach out to Steve Bates.

I would like...

DNA Groups

These groups are intended to help us grow at the core of what it means to be a disciple. A DNA group is 2 or 3 friends who agree to meet regularly to encourage and to pray for one another and to help one another stay focused on the things that Jesus has called us to. There are so many things that distract us from living as disciples. Our prayer is that DNA groups will not only keep us on track, but also help us wrestle with how to put what Jesus is showing us into practice.

We recommend that each time you meet you share your responses to these questions:

  •  What do you sense God has spoken for his word or revealed to you recenty and what have you done in response?
  • Who are you praying for to come to know Jesus? What opportunity have you had to make Jesus known?
  • What do you need prayer for personally right now?


Prayer is a catalyst for spiritual growth. Often there are opportunities to receive prayer at the end of a Sunday service. We also offer prayer appointments for more in-depth prayer. We encourage you to take up these opportunities as a way of releasing God’s blessing into your life, finding freedom in an area where you may feel stuck, or to experience his healing – emotionally or physically. Please use the form below to request a prayer appointment with our prayer team.

Request prayer

Serve with us

Service is core to our church family and the lives of Jesus’ disciples. It might appear crazy to add more demands to our already busy lives, but service is a rhythm that we see Jesus embody. As His disciples, our heart is to participate with Him in transforming lives and restoring our world.

We invite you to ask how your time, resources, skills and spiritual gifts could be channelled into serving others through PBC. As you do, consider exploring the many serving teams of PBC on our ‘serve with us page’. We would love for you to be a part of the teams and mission of PBC.

Sharing your faith

If sharing your faith sounds daunting, we invite you to join us in a fresh approach that we’ve been exploring.

If you are planning to approach someone to do BDM, we would love you to let us know so that we can pray for and support you. We also have coaching clusters that meet to help us sharpen our skills and to encourage one another.

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