Come to the table

Here are a selection of resources to help you take up Jesus’ invitation to the Table.

Breathe in:
Taste and see

Breathe out:
The Lord is good.

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Simple guides to help you enter into times of  contemplation, prayer and refreshing.

Audio & Video

Listen to podcasts or watch videos.


Simple guides to help you enter into times of  contemplation, prayer and refreshing.

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Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭11‬:‭28‬



An evening meditation. 

  1. Presence 

Remind yourself that you are in God’s presence 


2. Gratefulness 

Call to mind anything for which you’re grateful, then savour it and give thanks 


3. Review 

The entire day, from start to finish, noticing places of encounter with God – whether in work, family life, friendships, nature, reading…or anything 


4. Repent 

Ask God for forgiveness for your sins 


5. Grace 

Ask God for the grace needed for the next day 


Set up a simple loaf and a cup at home, using it as a visual reminder of Jesus’ presence and love.  

Some ideas: 

  • Have it as a table centre over Easter 
  • Share the Lord’s Supper as a family. 
  • Set it up in the place where you meet with Jesus 

Come to Him, Confess to Him, Celebrate with Him

  1. Come 

See Jesus. You can do this by visualizing yourself going to the cross or by picturing Jesus in the chair next to you. 


2. Confess 

Confess that ‘at the core of me Jesus, I am not(eg. a ministry leader, a mother/father, teacher, engineer, …or all the other identities that I cling to in order to give me satisfaction and meaning). I am also not all of the other defeating labels that others have given me or I have given myself (eg. a victim, a failure…)


Surrender all of these to Jesus, ‘I give you anything that would hinder my ability to hear from you today(eg. my need for others approval, my fears, my anxiety, my shame, my distraction, my drivenness, my need to blame others, my grief, my successes that make me feel good about myself…) 


3. Celebrate 

Speak out ‘This is my identity: That I am deeply loved, totally accepted, completely forgiven, full pleasing and absolutely complete in Christ. Now Lord enable my to hear you speak.’  

A Table Prayer

Father, I come to Your table 

Here in all You’ve done 

I’m already loved 

Find my heart in holy wonder 


My name is engraved in all Your wounds 

My worth is defined by You 


Find me here accepted  

Already loved  

I am Your child reaching heavenward 

As you call me Your beloved 


Father, here in all You’ve done 

I’m already loved 

Take my life as praise to you 

Audio & Video

Fight Hustle, End Hurry (Podcast)

For those who find ourselves too busy or overwhelmed to be at the table with Jesus. This series of 10 podcasts with John Mark Comer and Jefferson Bethke helps us rethink our life rhythms in today’s culture. It is highly practical and a great refresher for all who want to accept the invitation to be at the Table with Jesus.

Window of the Soul (Podcast)

A meditative prayer exercise by Strahan Coleman that helps us enter into God’s loving presence.


Devotional resources

This is a smorgasbord of resources that some of our church family have found helpful in their time with the Lord.

Reclaiming Sabbath as a Gift from God

Here’s a helpful link about Sabbath as a gift from God.

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