April 26th 2020

Kid’s Church and Precious Pebbles Online

Holiday Edition 2


Have you ever seen something on TV that made you a little scared?

Or maybe you get spooked by the dark?

This week on Veggie Tales, Junior Asparagus gets a visit from Bob and Larry to remind him that

we do not need to be afraid because God is on our side.

[Note this first video should stop at 12 mins 42 seconds but we haven’t tested all browsers.

If it keeps playing for you please stop it and that point and continue down this page.]


Shrink your fears with Junior’s song!

God is bigger than the boogieman

He’s bigger than Godzilla or the monsters on TV

God is bigger than the boogieman and

He’s watching out for you and me!

Join in as Junior sings it again here!


There are some big things in our world but God is bigger than all of them put together.

Play “Mine’s Bigger” together to name a few. 

“Mine’s Bigger”

Take turns naming things that are BIG.

BUT whatever you name has to be bigger than the last thing that was named.

For example: “A car IS big…but a truck is BIGGER!”

If you can’t think of anything bigger, you can finish the game with:

“GOD is the BIGGEST of all! He is bigger than…”
(name all the things that have been said IN ORDER from smallest to biggest)


The Bible is full of stories of people who have had to deal with BIG things!

In today’s story Daniel shows that even the BIGGEST CATS in the world are no match for God.

[Note this video should start at 15 mins 30 seconds in but we haven’t tested all browsers.

If it starts playing at the beginning for you please stop it and fast forward that point and play from there.]


Read this story in Daniel 6 in a Bible or a Kids Bible to help you answer these questions:

  1.  What special gift did God give Daniel that made him wiser than all the other wisemen?
  2. What rule did the wisemen tell King Darius to make?
  3. How did Daniel break King Darius’ rule?
  4. What big change happened in Babylon because Daniel trusted God to look after him?
  5. What are the ‘Lions’ in your life? Talk to God together about some of the things that are big for you right now.


Remind yourself and others of God’s promise to us:

 Isaiah 41:10 Do not fear for I am with you

 Create a poster or video of this verse and share it!

We’d love to hear from you and see what you have done so send it in
and you will get your name on the Prize wheel for next week!!

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