Precious Pebbles!

Together we’ve been tracking through the Gospel of John with a focus on following Jesus.
Last week we looked at how Jesus told us to love others (fruit of the vine).

This week we’ll look at Jesus showing his love for his friends by washing their feet (John 13:3-30)

Walk in the light

Our song for this term is Walk in the light. This video comes with some cool visuals which your kids would not have seen before. Watch the video together then ask your children to show you the actions we have been doing in PP and sing it through together.
It’s a catchy tune huh?

Let’s have a chat:

Props needed: Some peanut butter or Nutella, a washer, soap, a basin or warm water and a towel, a pair of sandals.

Ask these questions:

  • How many pairs of shoes do you have?
  • What kinds of shoes are they?
  • When do we wear them?
  • Which ones are the best for keeping your feet clean and dry?

Jesus and his friends only had ONE kind of shoe! Everywhere they went they wore ONE kind of shoe. It’s a great shoe for walking on a hot day when there is lots of sand (like when we go to the beach) but not so good when its wet and muddy.

  • Can you guess which shoe Jesus had?
  • Now if you are wearing sandals and its raining, what happens to your feet?
  • And if it was very muddy, would you get icky, slimy mud on your toes? Yes!
  • And what if there was lots of donkey poo and chicken poo around? Would you get poo on your toes? (smear their toes and feet with peatnut butter or nutella)
  • Would you want to go to bed with stinky feet?
  • Would you like to sit next to these stinky feet and eat your dinner
  • Would you like to wash them? What if the stinky feet were mum’s or dad’s?
  • Would you wash the icky, sticky feet for them? Or would you ask them to wash their own feet?

Let the kids decide and let them have a go at washing someone’s feet.


Story Time

Run through the story powerpoint below together (you can also read it in a Kid’s Bible)


“Jesus you love your friends so much. Thank you for loving us. Help us to follow you and to love others like you do.”

Other Resources

Here is a video (2:36) you can use as another visual source for the story from “Saddleback Kids Church”, however there are some terms that are a bit advanced for pre-schoolers.