Sunday 22nd August 2021


Welcome to Kids Church and we are really glad you are joining in with us.


Balloon Fish

Turn a balloon into a fish.

You can play Keep It Uppy or to make it a bit harder use a towel or piece of material where you each hold a corner and together keep your fish up. Do not let it fall to the bottom of the ocean!


You might like to make this Jonah bottle craft. Share a picture of your bottle when done.

Here are some activity pages you might like to do.

Memory verse – Psalm 145:8

Here is a colouring page for our new memory verse. Can you remember the signing for this verse?


Here is a great song we have done before. Can you remember the actions?

It’s a great reminder that we can run to Jesus whatever we are going through.

Jesus Strong and Kind


We love to see what you kids have been doing …get mum and dad to post in our FB group or you can email me. Email me mum or dad if you aren’t in our FB group and would like to be.