Sunday 5th September 2021


Welcome to Kids Church and we are really glad you are joining in with us.


Hello Jack!

Shuffle and deal out a deck of cards

Each person takes turns to discard into the middle.

When the royalty show up then do these actions:

  • Ace – Stand
  • King – Salute
  • Queen – Bow
  • Jack – Wave and say “Hello Jack!”

The last person to do the correct action has to take the entire discard pile.

First person to run out of cards is the winner!


  • How did you see that God was always good, always kind and always in control in this story?
  • How did God show he was a God of grace and abounding in love?
  • If God is always in control then why doesn’t he just control us and make us do the right thing?


A love heart to represent your heart. Label it with your name. Then decide if you would like to give it to God so that He can use you to show his love to others. You can put your heart on your board to help you remember this story.

While you make your heart you can listen to the song below.

Here is an artwork that I made a couple of years ago to represent opening my heart to God. If you look closely you can see my name and a heart made out of wire.  Behind the gates of my heart are some trees to represent new life. Maybe you’d like to do an artwork to represent what happens when we give our heart to God.

Do you remember all the plagues that God sent as a reminder that He is in charge? See if you can represent them in a bowl of jelly like mine…mmm plagues in your dessert.


This is a beautiful song to meditate on giving our heart to God. It is performed entirely by kids!

Memory verse – Psalm 145:8

Have you learnt it yet? Can you do it to the actions? Practice now.

Here is a colouring page for our new memory verse. 


We love to see what you kids have been doing …get mum and dad to post in our FB group or you can email me. Email me mum or dad if you aren’t in our FB group and would like to be.