Sunday 31st October 2021


Welcome to Kids Church!


This term we are looking into the Psalms. We will look at the emotions or feelings of those that wrote these psalms but also be reminded of the images or pictures of God that they drew strength from. We know this term holds some uncertain things as we step back into school and normal activities but our prayer is that we can be reminded we can stay strong in our God who never changes and is there for us . Today we are going on a rollercoaster ride in Psalm 136! Before you watch print off the Rollercoaster ride page I have sent to your parents.


Use this link to print and then write or draw your own five reminders  of how God has shown His forever love to you as a family.

Do this as a family and then read it out together and after each  point all say what was on our big heart

His Love Continues forever!


Sophie made a Forever Love Loop. I have sent your parents what you need to print to make this. You colour and then cut and fold. You glue it to look like this.

And then you glue or staple the two B s together on each end.

Here is the finished forever loop.

Ab’s with Abby Challenge

Plank Challenge

Develop your strength of endurance and build up the muscles in your arms and abs with the Plank Challenge!

Option 1: Choose a plank position as demonstrated by Abby and challenge your family to see who can hold it the longest! On your marks, get set, PLANK!

Option 2: Grab a stop watch and choose a plank position. Time yourself and see how long you can hold the pose for. Record your time and after a break, have another go and see if you can beat your first time! You might like to see if you can hold your plank for longer throughout the week.

 If completed, you can print out the next piece of our puzzle.

KC Puzzle Piece week 4

KC Puzzle Piece (triple) week 4


Do you remember the actions to His Love Lasts??

Here is our new song to remind us that God is our shepherd who is with us and cares for us.

Our memory verse is Psalm 18:2. Here is the song we did to remind us that God is there for us.


We love to see what you kids have been doing …get mum and dad to post in our FB group or you can email me. Email me mum or dad if you aren’t in our FB group and would like to be.