Sunday 21st November 2021


Welcome to Kids Church!

We hope our Psalms series has helped you to stand strong in God in the midst of all the changes. This week we are looking at Psalm 91. Print out our kids version prepared for this talk specifically here:

Puzzle sheet

Answers and colouring

Have some textas or highlighters ready and let’s go! 

With thanks to Mary Mihara for granting us permission to embed her song ‘Psalm 91’.

Ab’s with Abby Challenge

Post a pic of you showing that inner grit in the final seconds of your wall sit. How long did you last to win this puzzle piece? 

If completed, you can print out the next piece of our puzzle.

KC Puzzle Piece week 7

KC Puzzle Piece (triple) week 7 





We love to see what you kids have been doing …get mum and dad to post in our FB group or you can email me. Email me mum or dad if you aren’t in our FB group and would like to be.