PBC Kids!

Welcome to Kids Church

Background music used in above video sourced from: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music


As a family try these Trust games

Game 1- Play a simple trust game as a family. Set a small obstacle course in the living room (like a maze with pillows and other soft objects) or outside with other objects. Blindfold one another at a time and guide them through the maze. You can do this by holding a hand or by using your voice.

Game 2- Play a game where the child stands about 50cm from the parent (front to back). The child then lets go and “falls” backward. The parent catches them by the armpits. The first few times, the child will probably want to step back to “catch” herself, but the point is to trust that the parent will catch her and keep her from falling.


Here’s the page for making a chart



Our memory verse is Proverbs 3:5,6.

There’s a song here to help learn this .

You could have a go at any of the following…

  • Make a poster using this verse .
  • Do a drawing for this verse.
  • Come up with actions to help learn it and video yourself doing it.
  • Create a game with this verse like others have been showing us:

– writing the verse on balloons and popping them
– making a car track
– writing it out and chopping it up and having a treasure hunt before you put it all back together again.

Or other ways…be creative and have fun!!


To get your name on the prize wheel send in a photo, email or video of what you have been doing.
Can you suggest a name for the cow?



Get a pot with some soil and plant a bulb (If you need one there are some in a box on the office verandah!)
Lets wait and trust that beautiful flowers will come!



Two new Trust songs are here to listen to. Try and learn the words and the dance moves!

Kid’s Church Songs