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Welcome to Kids Church


 Hi Kids,

We hope you enjoy meeting Esther today!


Here is today’s game

Good King / Good Queen

Choose one person to be the “Good King” or “Good Queen,” and have him or her sit in a chair at one end of the room. The Good King or Good Queen should wear the crown and hold the tube like a sceptre. (You can use anything…a hat and broom!) Instruct the other children to take turns calling out, “Good King [or Good Queen], may I come closer?” The Good King or Good Queen must answer, “Yes, good servant, you may.” Then have the king or queen tell how many and what kind of steps the player may take, such as three baby steps, two large steps, or one hop. The first person to reach the throne becomes the new king or queen.


Here are some Questions to talk about with your family

  • If you could spend some time with Esther what would you ask her?
  • Esther was scared and had a big decision to make as she didn’t really know what to do. God gave her wisdom to know what to do and courage to do it. Is there some area you need wisdom to know what to do? Is there some area where you need to have courage to do what God wants you to do?
  • Esther prayed to God and got others to pray too. Spend some praying as a family -I have sent you the link in an email as I have purchased a Prayer template that you might like to do with your family. You can even print it off, colour it and laminate it and then use with whiteboard markers so you can keep reusing it.
  • Here is another Prayer resource: https://youthworks.net/kidspray



Try a game of Ping Pong Memory Verse using any of our verses so far