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Welcome to Kids Church

Today we look at Daniel!


We have two games today

  • Sleeping Lions

Everyone (except one or two hunters) lie down on the floor in sleeping positions. Once the game starts the lions are not allowed to move. The hunter must walk around the room, trying to spot a moving lion. They can make jokes, funny noises or actions to try and make a lion laugh. If the lion moves, they also become a hunter.

*Could be an opportunity for the “hunters” to get a cup of coffee!

  • In the Den

Have one child play a sleeping lion, with his back to the other children and his eyes closed. Place a small beanbag or soft toy behind him and then have everyone take turns trying to take the beanbag without the lion noticing them.


  • If you could spend some time with Daniel- what would you ask him?
  • Do you think Daniel should have kept on praying? Why or Why not?
  • Read this story in Daniel 6 and see what effect did Daniels actions have on the King?( verses 16-27)
  • Talk about some of the worries you have that you need to bring to God.
  • Pray as a family. You can use the prayer template you were sent in an email to write down what you each want to pray about.


Phil 4:6- try and learn this verse by watching and doing the actions to the song linked here.

Here is our verse. You can print and choose what you do with it. A few ideas…cut up the words and have a treasure hunt where someone hides the words and you have to find them and then paste them in order on a piece of paper to make the verse . Another one is stick them on some blocks and do our Build it up Game like last week. You could also try the Ping Pong Memory Verse game to learn it after you have stuck it down.


  • Trust like Daniel! Pray like Daniel! – colour and add some lions to this page.

  • Here is a headband to make if you want to be a lion.
  • Make a Prayer box like Annette’s