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Hi Kids Church!

Welcome to your holiday edition of Kids Church!

Lynn and I will be back in Term 4 with a whole new series but until then, don’t forget the Beatitudes you have learnt in Term 3.


Can you remember all the Be-attitudes? Without looking at your chart…See if you can name the 9 different Be-attitudes that we looked at each week. Take the quiz below for some help:

  1. What do we need to be in order to fill ourselves up with God? EM__T__.
  2. Is Jesus meek like a mouse?
  3. What should we be thirsty and hungry for?
  4. What does WWJD stand for?
  5. What prop did we use to show that we should be just like Jesus and copy everything He did?
  6. What do we need when it is dark around us and we cannot see?
  7. Is God’s love fair or unfair?
  8. Finish this sentence: In God’s kingdom it’s not about __ __ __, but __ __ being like _______.
  9. According to the song…What is the greatest treasure in the whole wide world?
  10. Where can we store up our treasure so that it doesn’t get stolen or destroyed?


These attitudes are all about how we should be in God’s kingdom. Jesus came to show us how to live this way. Then He died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins. When He came back to life Jesus gave his followers one last important job to do.

Do you know what this is?

Read His instructions for the important job He gave us below from Matthew 28: 16-20 and see if you can work out what the missing words are. Then watch the video to fill them in.





  • What is the job Jesus has given His followers?
  • What would our world be like if everyone followed Jesus?
  • What are 5 things you can you do this week to follow Jesus and tell others about Him?


John 3:16 is a famous Bible verse that explains how much God loves us. This catchy song might help you remember it so you can share the good news with others.


A cross is symbol of Jesus great love for us. Display one in your home or your car to share the message of Jesus love wherever you go.



Materials for the mosaic cross (EASIER):  a sheet of paper, a glue stick, coloured paper, scissors and a tray (optional)

  1. Use your glue stick to draw a cross on a sheet of paper.
  2. Cut the coloured paper into small bits in a tray.
  3. Collect the bits and sprinkle over the glue until all the glue is covered with the coloured bits of paper.
  4. Cut out the cross and stick on a folder, book, wall, or window.

Materials for the frame cross (HARDER): 8 paddlepop sticks, a glue gun or pvc glue, wool, paper heart.

  1. Using a glue gun or pvc glue, glue the paddle pop sticks together to form a reinforced frame of two layers of paddlepop sticks. Wait for the glue to set.
  2. Wind some wool around the width and length of the frame to form a cross. Leave the ends free to tie together in the middle at the end. Spread the rounds of wool out so that you can see through them.
  3. Glue a love heart over the tied ends at the middle of the cross to hide them.
  4. You can also glue or tie wool to your frame to create a hanger for your frame cross.
  5. Can you remember John 3:16? Write the verse on some card and attach it to your frame.