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Sound Effects: ‘Cock Crowing’ by SPANAC.  https://www.freesoundslibrary.com/cock-crowing/

Music Used: ‘Punky’ by Benjamin Tissot. https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/punky


Welcome to Kids Church

This term we are going to be looking at Growing to be more like Jesus.


“Mad Da$h For CA$H”

 Items Needed For Game: “play” money bills of different denominations or make your own using scraps of paper; table; 2 containers

Preparation: Split into 2 teams with a container each. Place all the “play” money face down on the table and place the table on the other side of the room.

How To Play: This is a relay race. When you say “Go”, the players begin to run, one at a time, across the room to the table. (if only one person in each team….just keep running)Without looking at the face side, the players grab one bill from the table and run back to tag the next person in line. This continues for one minute or two. Then, count how much money the teams have accumulated. The team with the most money wins!



  • Add your little guy to your chart
  • Make a Treasure chest envelope using the email I sent mum or dad. Cut it out and assemble like this.
  • Then colour it and write on. I cut out the heart on the chart page and tucked it inside. You might like to stick a magnet on the back like I did and keep it on the fridge.




Practise all 3 verses and see how you go!


This is the song Lara taught us

Here is a song about the Beatitudes you might like to listen and sing along with.

This version has beginner actions.

While this version has advanced actions.