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Sound Effects: ‘Cock Crowing’ by SPANAC.  https://www.freesoundslibrary.com/cock-crowing/

Music Used: ‘Punky’ by Benjamin Tissot. https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/punky

Welcome to Kids Church


See if you can stay sad even when you have to reply every question you are asked with: “Grandma’s Underpants!”


• John 3:16

This is the last week for this MV challenge so all you rappers who are still to post your video – get it in and show us what you’ve got!


How will you show the Lonely woman at the well? Maybe there’s a crowd who is ignoring her? Or will she be getting some water for Jesus? Or maybe she’ll be back in town telling everyone about Jesus?

Need more activities while mum and dad finish listening to church online? Print out these activity pages:

5.a. Activity Sheets for Ages 2-4 (John 4) Jesus and the Lonely Woman

5.b. Activity Sheets for Ages 4-8 (John 4) Jesus and the Lonely Woman

5.c. Activity Sheets for Ages 9-12 (John 4) Jesus and the Lonely Woman 


Pray for those who you know could do with a kind word or a friend. Ask God to show you how to be the person who will not reject them.