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Kid’s Church Online – Week 3

Welcome to Kids Church

Today we are looking at what is called Palm Sunday.

This is at the beginning of the week before Easter, when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem.


  • Who did the crowd think Jesus was?
  • What did the crowd do?
  • Who disagreed with the crowd?
  • Do you believe Jesus is the King and Rescuer? Why/why not?
  • If you were in the crowd what would you yell out?


Find a piece of paper or card for each person and draw the biggest leaf you can.

Cut out your leaf and decorate it with words (or pictures) you would praise Jesus with. Here’s a start…You are My king, My Rescuer…


Using the words on your leaves have a time of praising Jesus as you call out what you have written on your leaves . Finish with a big wave of your leaf – JESUS IS NUMBER 1 !

Put on some worship music and wave your leaves as you praise our King and rescuer.

I have added a new song  down below in the Kids Songs section – Jesus Number 1 (one of our favourites!)

Put your leaves on the ground and now pray for those who don’t know Jesus as their King


There are some great bookmarks to colour on this site you just need to scroll down.Lots of other Easter crafts here too!  https://thecraftyclassroom.com/?s=easter

Kid’s Church Songs

We’ve learnt a new song this term at Kid’s church. See if your children can teach you the actions:

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We pray that this page has been helpful in engaging your young people with Jesus.

Please let us know what you’re doing and the resources you’re using to with your child right now. We’d love to pool and share our resources together. Please do also reach out if we can better support you in this season. Shoot me an email at: Lynn@parramattabaptist.com

Each week we’ll be uploading new content here so stay tuned.


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