Welcome to Kids Church 2021!

Calling all Kids Church Special Agents to tune in to …

Mission Unstoppable!

Mission Challenge!

As a family construct a cubby house or mission headquarters that can fit all of you inside. This may be outside or inside your house using whatever you can get your hands on.

Once completed can you all meet in there and see if you can remember what is the mission Jesus calls us to?

Ask each other who do you want to share this good news of Jesus with.

Pray for one another and for these people you want to share with.

Take a photo and send it in of Mission completed!

Mission Message!


Commit to memory our Bible verse Acts 2:38

Mission Passport!

Add you fingerprint, picture of yourself, your date of Birth, Age, Special agent number and alias name. Colour a star if you completed the Mission above.

    More Mission!

    Read through Acts chapter 1 as a family this week.

    Keep praying for those people you want to share the good news of Jesus with.

    Mission Wheeler will spin the wheel next week and if you let us know you have done the mission, worked on your passport or your log book, your name will be on the wheel.

    If you don’t have delivery of a special agent pack with the needed supplies please let Agent Lynn know at