Sunday 14th February 2021

Welcome to Kids Church 2021!

Calling all Kids Church Special Agents to tune in to …

Mission Unstoppable!

Mission Challenge!

1. Jail Bust (needs at least three people)

  • Have everyone stand in a circle.
  • Put your hands in the middle of the circle and grab hold of two different hands
  • Your arms should now be tangled together. You now have to become untangled, without letting go of anyone’s hands.

2. What’s Missing?

  • Have everyone in the house choose a couple of small items (eg, lego, matchbox, car, small doll) to make up twelve items in total.
  • Place these items in the centre of a table.
  • Choose someone to remove item(s) from the table while everyone else closes their eyes .
  • Everyone then opens their eyes and will guess which item(s) was removed.
  • Return the item(s), choose a new person to remove item(s) and repeat.

To vary the game (and make it harder) have the chosen person move an item on the table instead of removing it. See if everyone can guess which item was moved.

Take a photo and send it in of Mission completed!

Mission Message!


Commit to memory our Bible verse Acts 2:38

Here is the page about GOOD NEWS BEADS. You can make the bracelet and practice telling someone in your family the Good news of Jesus.

Gospel Beads

Mission Prayer!

Don’t forget your Circle Prayer sheet and keep praying for people.

We are praying for

Keep this sheet in your Logbook as we will keep working on it.

    More Mission!

    Read through Acts chapters 3 and 4 as a family this week.

    Keep praying for those people you want to share the good news of Jesus with.

    Agent Wheeler will spin the wheel next week and if you let us know you have done the mission, worked on your passport or your logbook, then your name will be on the wheel.

    If you don’t have delivery of a special agent pack with the needed supplies, please let Agent Lynn know at