Sunday 21st March 2021

Welcome to Kids Church 2021!

Calling all Kids Church Special Agents to tune in to …

Mission Unstoppable!

Mission Challenge!

Sticky note challenge:

Take a pad of sticky notes, on each sticky note, write one truth you know about God. See if you can cover something in your home with all your sticky notes.

Send into HQ a pic of the thing you have covered in God’s truths

Mission Message!

Rock out to the second Mission Message for Mission Unstoppable: Acts 16:30-31

And the first one:

Mission Prayer!


Pick a sticky note truth and give thanks and praise to God for this truth about Him.

Mission Logbook!

Print out this heart: Heart Stencil

In it write some of the truths you have stored in your heart about God and the message of the Risen King Jesus.

For example:

  • God is powerful
  • God made the world.
  • God loves me


Write a prayer of praise to God in the heart. Colour it in and stick it up to remind you of who God is!