Our Vision statements

Our PBC vision is to…

A community of people led by God’s Spirit
each joining with Jesus to see lives transformed

Our PBC children’s ministry
vision is to…

Plant. Nurture. Grow.

For us, this means that Kid’s ministry is an environment where…

The seed of the Gospel is planted

Their relationship with Jesus is nurtured and encouraged

They grow in thier love and worship of God

Their roots are firmly established in God’s Word, the Bible

They feel welcomed and enjoy coming

They are given training in listening and responding to God’s Spirit

They are given opportunities to help and serve others

There is opportunity to build relationships with others in our church community

They learn to pray and see prayer as a natural way of talking to God

Families are encouraged as they nurture their children in all facets of their lives

Children’s Ministry

Within our children’s ministry at PBC, we run the following programs for children up to grade 4.

Playtime is a caring, supportive community designed for children from birth to school age. Our heart is to share Jesus relationally.

Kids church is a weekly, fun environemnt for school age kids (K-4). Our heart is to introduce kids to Jesus.

Previous Pebbles is a fun environment for pre-school aged children (3-5 years) where we seek to introduce kids to Jesus.

Application process

Thanks for your interest in becoming a children’s ministry leader at PBC.

Our leaders hold significant and influential positions of authority in the lives of our young people so this leader application process has been designed to a) help you to discern where God is leading you to serve Him, and b) to prepare you for the exciting responsibilities involved in leading young people. 

Below you will find 4 online forms & CSS training that we require you to complete as part of this application process. As you scroll down, you will find further “Key Information” related to children’s ministry leadership at PBC. If you have any questions about this process, please chat with Mireille Kean or Talia Gravitis. 

Creating safe spaces training

We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive ministry. As such, we require all our Children’s ministry leaders to complete Creating Safe Spaces (CSS) training. This training covers the legal responsibilities, WHS, risk management and strategies to address protection of young and vulnerable people. This training is conducted in 2 stages:

  1.  Online training modules (required prior to being appointed as a leader)
  2. In person workshop

Got Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Mireille or Talia:

Mireille Kean Mireille@parramattabaptist.com

Talia Gravitis – Talia@parramattabaptist.com

Ph: (02) 9630 3515.

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