‘I can talk to Jesus’ from ‘J is for Jesus’ Courtesy of Emu Music



    Make a ‘chatterbox’ to help you pray with your PP.

    1. Cut a square out of an A4 sheet of paper.
    2. Fold the diagonal corners to create a triangle.
    3. Fold the bottom corners of the triangle to each other to create a smaller triangle.
    4. Open up all your creases so you can see an ‘x’.
    5. Fold each corner into the centre point of the ‘x’ crease. You should have a smaller square.
    6. Turn over the square and repeat step 5.
    7. Turn over and fold the square in half.
    8. Label each layer of your chatterbox:
    • Layer 1: Colours
    • Layer 2: Numbers
    • Layer 3: Prayer activity


    1. Ask PP what colour they would like, make the chatterbox spell out the colour.
    2. Then get them to choose the number they would like to count to. Make the chatterbox count to the chosen number.
    3. Ask PP to choose another number – open up the flap and do the prayer activity together.