Sunday 15th August 2021

Welcome to another session of Precious Pebbles online!





‘I can talk to Jesus’ from ‘J is for Jesus’ Courtesy of Emu Music

Toddler Worship (Five Finger Prayer) from Saddleback Kids


‘Hear’ is a device into which you and PP can talk and listen to each other.

  1. Take two paper cups. PP can decorate these.
  2. Pierce the bottom of the decorated cups with a toothpick or a skewer.
  3. Thread through a length of string (0.5-1m) so that each end is on the inside of each cup.
  4. Knot each end around a toothpick or paperclip to create a stopper.

Et voila! Your own telephone! Use it around a corner or under a doorway.

Pro-tip: Tell PP to talk softly and keep that string taut if you want to hear each other.

WARNING: Use strictly under adult supervision and keep away from babies.

Thank God He does not rely on such a device to talk to or hear us.


Play on the ‘God looks at the heart theme’ by helping PP conduct a social experiment.

  1. Take a piece of bread. PP can butter it.
  2. To one half PP can sprinkle some sugar whilst on the other shake a fair amount of salt.
  3. Add coloured sprinkles to the heavily salted half ONLY.
  4. Offer them to someone in the family (like your spouse or your favourite lockdown family member)
  5. Watch them eat their choice.