Sunday 29th August 2021

Welcome to another session of Precious Pebbles online!






‘I can talk to Jesus’ from ‘J is for Jesus’ Courtesy of Emu Music

Toddler Worship (Five Finger Prayer) from Saddleback Kids


This is a Goliath paddle with stone attached. PP can help you draw Goliath, colour him in and scrunch the foil into a ball then see if they can get the stone to hit Goliath like David did.

You will need a wooden spoon, a piece of cardboard, a 30cm length of string, sticky tape and a sheet of foil.

  1. Draw the face of Goliath on the card.
  2. Stick the face onto a wooden spoon
  3. Stick the string onto the foil. Scrunch it up around the tape.
  4. Stick the other end of the string to the back of Goliath’s head.
  5. Show PP how they can get the foil ‘stone’ to hit Goliath on the head. Then let them try.

Discuss how this is a game and a story from long ago and that PP are not to hurt others in the same way. If they are able to point out that David did it then you can explain that this was before Jesus. God sent Jesus to teach us to love others so we shouldn’t do things like this anymore.

Have Fun!