Sunday 5th September 2021

Welcome to another session of Precious Pebbles online!






‘I can talk to Jesus’ from ‘J is for Jesus’ Courtesy of Emu Music

Toddler Worship (Five Finger Prayer) from Saddleback Kids


Waiting – it’s a hard lesson to learn. Here’s a set of traffic lights to remind PP to wait their turn.


If you’d like to see just how long PP can wait you could try the wait experiment / marshmallow test with them. Just take into consideration your parental response if PP is not able to wait and still wants that second treat. Also other factors that could lead to a possible meltdown such as time of day, mood, health, hunger and age of your child before you go ahead with this – hopefully it’ll just be a bit of fun and games.

Show PP a treat they love. Ask if they would like to have this treat. Ask them if they would like to have one or two of this treat? Place one of the treats in front of them and tell them you are going to leave the room and they can choose to eat the treat immediately OR if they can wait until you come back, they will get the second treat as well. Make sure they understand that waiting equals doubling their treats. Show them this second treat. Then leave them to decide for 2-5 minutes and come back to see what they choose. Reward accordingly.

Here’s the most recent member of my family having a go…wait time…5 seconds 😊


Link the experiment back in with the story

  • Was it hard to wait for the promised second treat?

That’s how David felt! God promised him he would be king one day. David had to wait. He had a chance to take Saul’s crown in the cave but David chose to do the right thing instead and wait for his turn to be king.