May 17th 2020 Term 2 Week 3!

Precious Pebbles!

Adam and Eve and God’s Beautiful Garden – Part 3

Hi Precious Pebbles, Let’s sing ‘A Very Very Big God’!

Did you find an egg?

Which animals lay eggs? Do you like eggs? What is on the outside of the egg? What is inside the egg? Can eggs be different colours? Can you think of any other animals that lay eggs?

Take the opportunity to explore the talk with your Precious Pebble:

  • Would you like to break the egg?
  • If we break the egg, do you think we could fix it again?
  • Adam and Eve listened to the snake and did something wrong. Could they fix it?
  • What happened?
  • Who can make it all better again?

Let’s talk to God about what we have learnt today.


Let’s not waste our eggs! Here’s a prime opportunity to teach PP how to make scrambled eggs for a quick meal 😊


Find some broken toys together:

  • How do you feel about it being broken?
  • Do you think we could fix it? What would we need?
  • Would it be a big job or a little job?
  • Would it be just as good as new?

Sometimes it is possible to fix some things that are broken, sometimes we need help to fix them while other times it is just impossible. Only Jesus could fix what Adam and Eve broke.