May 24th 2020 Term 2 Week 4!

Precious Pebbles!

Noah listened to God

Hi Precious Pebbles and Mummies and Daddies! This week we are focusing on how Noah listened to God. So let’s begin with a quick game or two of ‘Simon Says!’ Younger kids may not understand the game…but they can still listen and do the actions!


Have a go at “God Says”

  • God says…Hop like a kangaroo
  • God says…meow like a cat
  • God says…run
  • Pick the fruit! Did God say to pick the fruit? NO!


  • God says…fly like a bird
  • God says…sway like a tree
  • God says…swim like a fish
  • Pick the fruit! Did God say to pick the fruit? NO!


  • God says…climb up the hills
  • God says…swim in the water
  • God says…run down the hills
  • Pick the fruit! Did God say to pick the fruit? NO!


Story Time


God, it is good to listen to you. Help us to listen to you like Noah did!



God ‘s in charge of the weather

Actions for God ‘s in charge of the weather (This video’s 22 view are going to jump 😊)

My God is a Very Very Big God


  • Gather up all your animals and create a Noah’s Ark scene. Add the different characters. Who is listening to God? Who is not?
  • Make a rainbow inside with a CD and a torch in a dark room.

  • Below is some bodypainting fun but if you don’t want paint on their skin, you could also let PP paint rainbows on paper with the sponge. If you’d rather not sacrifice a make-up sponge, a cheap yellow dish sponge also works. The smaller the pores, the finer the effect!

  • Explore floatation with PP by making a boat and floating it in the bath tub! Boats can be made out of milk cartons, paddle pop sticks and a hot-glue gun, paper, dish sponges, toys…
  • You could also paint a boat on a cork and stick it in a bottle of water (from memory if you press a pushpin or two to the bottom to act as a keel your boat will remain upright). Add some food colouring, paint and glitter for the flood! Screw it up tight and shake – the cork boat should float!


A little bit extra

Here is a picture book video of Noah by Lucy Cousins (creator of the ‘Maisy’ series) that is suitable for younger PP.

Here is another video that is better for older PP made by Crossroad’s Kids Club