August 2nd 2020 Term 3 Week 2!

Precious Pebbles!

Abraham’s family has grown just like God promised! Let’s celebrate this with a song and dance!


This week Isaac chooses to pass God’s promises to one of his sons but which one?

WATCH: Mireille play a trick




‘What is it?’ Blindfold your Precious Pebble and hand them three everyday items to see if they can guess what it is by feeling it with their hands. No blindfold? Just put the items into a bag and have them feel the items in the bag without taking it out.

While you play talk about how hard it must be not to be able to see and what else you will have to use to guess what something is.



God, sorry for when we are naughty and do the wrong thing. Thank you that you love us no matter what we do. Help us to be good to others. Amen.




A costume to disguise yourself like Jacob did. Will you dress up as an animal? A princess? Or a robot?

Can you guess what I am?