August 16th 2020 Term 3 Week 4!

Precious Pebbles!

Precious Pebbles, do you remember our new promise from God?

“Wherever you go, whatever you do, God will always be with you!”

Last week, Jacob was naughty but God was still with him, God did not leave him.

Let’s see what happens to Jacob next!


God sometimes we don’t get what we want. Help us to remember you are always with us. Amen.


This Precious Pebbles favourite to help us remember that God is ALWAYS with us!

Wherever I Go (Permission granted from CEP Publishers) 


Promises, Promises (Emu Music)

God’s in Charge of the Weather (Emu Music)



 Guess who? Spinner

PP can practice their fine motor skills by tracing over your pencil lines of the faces. They will also have fun using their hands and wrists to wind up the spinner. When they pull on the string, the squares will spin. But who will be facing them when the spinner stops?

You will need:

  1. A length of string
  2. two cardboard squares
  3. a pencil
  4. textas
  5. glue
  6. sticky tape to make sure the string stays in place!