August 23rd 2020 Term 3 Week 5!

Precious Pebbles!

Jacob’s family has grown bigger and bigger! Jacob has lots and lots of children and now he wants to go home. Is his brother still angry with him?


Wherever I Go (Permission granted from CEP Publishers) 




God you are always with us – when we are alone, when we are afraid, when we are sad and when we are happy. Help us to share this promise with others. Amen.


Welcome Home Jacob!

How did Jacob feel as Esau came closer and closer? Play this version of ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’ to help PP get a sense of Jacob’s fearful anticipation.

The player who is Esau stands facing away from Jacob and his family who are 5-10m away. They call out to Esau, “Esau, Esau we want to come home. How many steps should we take?” Esau then gives the number of steps Jacob and his family should take to come closer.

Once Jacob and his family are close enough Esau can turn around and hug them – “Welcome home Jacob!”


A gift of artwork for someone you love.

You will need: A piece of paper, a couple of strips of gift wrap and collage materials – stickers, crayons, pom poms, feathers, foil and glue.