September 20th 2020 Term 3 Week 9!

Precious Pebbles!

Welcome to our last session of Precious Pebbles for Term 3. We hope you have enjoyed learning about God’s promises with us. Precious Pebbles will resume in Term 4.

Take the opportunity during this break in our schedule to gather with others face-to-face at Kleins Rd for PBC online. The 8:45am service has childcare provided so that while they play – you can pray! 😉

We hope to see you there!





Gather items from around the home and see if PP can recognise who is the boss of that item in the family and where it is stored.


    These Precious Pebbles practicing this term’s truth:

    “Wherever you go, Whatever you do, God will always be with you!”



      A family portrait or family collage…Give PP some art materials to represent their family.