Precious Pebbles!

Together we’ve been tracking through the Gospel of John with a focus on following Jesus.
Join us this week for the next part of the Gospel…

Let’s have a chat:


This Is the last lesson from our series on Following Jesus from the Gospel of John before we start on our Easter Series next week. This session looks at following Jesus all the way to Heaven!

Story time discussion

Hello Everyone!

Let’s start PP today by singing the ‘Hello Song’ (Emu Music).

Get ready to dance and use all of your body to follow the actions in the song:


Jesus said, “Hello” to many people. He had lots and lots of friends to say “Hello” to.

His friends followed him wherever He went.



Choose a leader to be Jesus for this next song and follow Him around the room as it plays:

Jesus friends liked to follow him and do the things he did.  

If Jesus clapped (parent claps) then they would clap (child to copy)

If Jesus jumped (parent jumps), then they would jump (child to copy)

If Jesus rubbed his tummy, then they…,

If Jesus danced then they would….


If Jesus washed stinky feet (rub your hands together) then…that’s right – they would wash stinky feet too!

Can you pretend to wash mummy or daddy’s feet now?

Story Time

Run through the story below together (you can also read it in a Kid’s Bible)


Jesus, you are our friend. We love you. Thank you for getting our room ready in God’s house. Amen.

A little extra

You could explore this story further by building God’s House in Heaven and talking with your kids as you build.

How big would it be?

What would it look like?

What good things will be there?

Do you want to follow Jesus there?