Kid’s Church and Precious Pebbles Online!

Holiday Edition 1

Welcome to Kids Church

Hi Kids
We hope you are enjoying school holidays at home.

Often in holiday times we do Kids Church a bit differently and watch a movie and munch popcorn together.
We decided let’s keep doing that so get your snacks ready as here’s another Veggie Tales to watch together.



It was all about trusting God and do you remember this song we did at Kids Church to help us remember Proverbs 3:5-6. Teach it to your family! 


You could talk as a family about things you are finding it hard to trust God with and then pray for one another


Here’s a fun game to do as a family.

God told Gideon that his army was too big and he needed to eliminate some men . Have fun eliminating “soldiers” for various reasons. Take turns suggesting the thing you have to do (here are some ideas):

  • cannot “roll” their tongue
  • write left-handed
  • can’t whistle
  • can’t wiggle their ears
  • have green eyes
  • have red hair
  • don’t have any freckles
  • wear glasses
  • aren’t wearing tennis shoes
  • can snap fingers, etc.


Don’t forget we love to hear from you and see photos of what you have been doing. If you have things you want us to pray about, like we do at Kids Church, send us an email.

We miss you, Lynn and Mireille