Sunday 12th September 2021


Welcome to Kids Church and we are really glad you are joining in with us.

Animation courtesy of Saddleback Kids


Triple Threat

How many attacks can you defend from a triple threat?

  1. Person in the middle of the room with bucket – Israel
  2. Rest of the household at three other points around Israel.
  3. They attack Israel by throwing socks at Israel.
  4. Israel can catch the socks with the bucket.
  5. Count up the number of socks in the bucket vs the number around Israel.


  • How did you see that God was always good, always kind and always in control in this story?
  • How was Jehoshaphat’s prayer encouraging to his people?


Write a prayer like Jehoshaphat’s and pray it out loud bold and strong like Jehoshaphat to remind your family of who God is and what He has done for us.

  1. God you are…
  2. We remember when you…
  3. Please help us with….
  4. We cannot do it without you.

Draw these two finger friends to remember that God is always with you:

Knot two pieces of string or rope together to remind you that with God you are stronger and that He will never let you go.


Remember the song “Our God” that Mireille sings in the video? Want to sing it? Click on the lyric video below.

Memory verse – Psalm 145:8

Have you learnt it yet? Can you do it to the actions? Practice now.

Here is a colouring page for our new memory verse. 


We love to see what you kids have been doing …get mum and dad to post in our FB group or you can email me. Email me mum or dad if you aren’t in our FB group and would like to be.