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Stacking Cups:

What you have to do is get 6 paper or plastic cups (not glass!) and try to stack them up as best as you can . Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can race each other to see who can do it fastest, or, if you have more cups, try to build the biggest tower!

Welcome to Kids Church

Today we look at Nehemiah!


  • What were some of the obstacles for Nehemiah (things that made it hard for him)?
  • As Nehemiah gave each of this obstacles/worries to God what do you think He had to remember about God?
  • Is there any other of our memory verses besides 1 Peter 5:7 you would have given Nehemiah to help him?


1 Peter 5:7

On the wall first see if you can do the maze to get from Nehemiah up to the birds. Stick the words on the bricks.


  • I have also sent through an email with a special colouring in page of 1 Peter 5:7.
  • Have a go at the Clap the Verse Memory Verse Challenge Game.


Lego Prayers

You will need: 

One Lego or Duplo brick per person and sit around on the floor together or around a table

Hold your brick.

Thank God for the things he has given you.

Feel the bumps on your brick.

Nehemiah had a lot of “bumps” or obstacles in his way that he had to give  over to God and trust God with them. As you feel the bumps think about some of the obstacles or worries you need to give to God.

Tell God  these worries that you have and as you give them over to Him place your block  onto the floor in front of you.

Put all of the bricks together and build a structure or tower with them. 

Say Together:

We give all our worries to you God

For you care about us!

Join hands with each other and take turns to finish this sentence

Help us to remember God that you….

( e.g. are on our side, always keep your promises…)


  • Remember if you haven’t already you can make a Prayer box like Annette’s