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Hi Kids Church!

Hey Kids Church! Are you well-rested from your holidays? Are you ready for Term 4? Lynn and I have been busy preparing for our next series together so here is a fun short session from Life.Church before we see you again next week!

Last week we looked at the special job Jesus gave us before He returned to Heaven – telling others about Him! This week we will see how we can do this together!





  1. Who is the church?
  2. What did the first church do together to show God’s love to others?
  3. Do you think it is easier to share Jesus with others on your own or as a group?



Print out your choice of colouring pages or take a quiz to work out how you like to give and receive love here:

KS_LetsCelebrateAtHome_Activity and Coloring Sheets

(these are from https://open.life.church/items/207937-activity-coloring-sheets-pdf )