Sunday 14th March 2021

Welcome to Kids Church 2021!

Calling all Kids Church Special Agents to tune in to …

Mission Unstoppable!

Mission Challenge!

Learning to tell the difference between what is real and what is not real. Go in search of your surroundings (either outside or inside or both) and find examples of what is real and what is not real. If possible, bring the evidence back to headquarters and report your findings to your fellow agents.

Take a photo and send it in of Mission completed!

Mission Message!

Rock out to the second Mission Message for Mission Unstoppable: Acts 16:30-31

And the first one:

Mission Prayer!

Let’s use our head, our heart and hands to pray.


How do I know that Jesus is the real King?

 (Put your hands on your head)

 Pray: I believe that Jesus is God’s son who died for me and is now risen to life as the real King forever.


How does knowing Jesus change my heart?

 (Put your hands on your heart)

 Pray: I am going to give my worries and problems to Jesus and let the peace and love of King Jesus rule in my heart.


What can I do to show the love of Jesus to others?

 (Hold out your hands)

 Pray: I am going to share what I have with others and be kind to them and pray for them.


We are praying for

Mission Logbook!

Print out the following image to create a card.

Head: Think of someone you know who you could encourage with this card. What would you like to say to them?

Heart: Pray for them.

Hands: Decorate your card, write your message to them inside and give it to them as a gift of encouragement.