Sunday 8th August 2021

Welcome to another session of Precious Pebbles online!

I wonder who will be praying to God in our story today?





‘I can talk to Jesus’ from ‘J is for Jesus’ Courtesy of Emu Music

Toddler Worship (Five Finger Prayer) from Saddleback Kids


This mobile signifies prayer any time of the day or night.

Help PP to make it using the following steps.

  1. Trace your child’s hands, cut them out and stick them together to represent a pair of hands in prayer.
  2. Paint a paper plate yellow on one side and black on the other. A cut-up dishwashing sponge to spread the dob of paint over the plate is ideal to keep this activity quick and controlled.
  3. Glue stars or glitter to the night sky and rays of sunshine to the sun
  4. Attach a string for hanging and attach the praying hands to the plate.