Welcome to SMYGs online!

Hey youth!

It’s been so good having you join us online during this really strange time – whether that’s been through the boxes, videos or zoom calls, it’s been so much fun to engage with God in such a different way! At the moment we aren’t running any online activities so make sure you come and join us on Sundays at either the 8:45 and 10:45am services! We run our SMYGs program for years 5-8 at church every Sunday of the school term so make sure you come say hey!

If you would rather stay online, don’t worry! We have some activities that you can do whenever you want that are specifically designed to get you up and engaging with God out of the house with your family! Click the button to the right to go to the page on our website to give those activities a go!

Otherwise feel free to watch our Church Online services and use the service sheet to the left to go along with it! Make sure you print it on both sides on the short edge so that it all lines up right!