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In the Old Testament, God required a high priest to offer sacrifices on behalf of the people of Israel to pay the penalty for the sin they committed.  It was only through the high priest that people could be close to God, and when they sinned again, they needed another sacrifice made.  When Jesus offered his own body as a final sacrifice (perfect and for everyone) he took away the need for priests to make repeated sacrifices.  Jesus himself became our high priest, standing between us and God and making it possible for us to come close to God without any further sacrifices, and with the Holy Spirit in our lives. 

As our High Priest, Jesus can sympathise with how we feel.  He knows how it is to be weak, and has been tempted just like us.  But Jesus never sinned!  When things get tough, we have Jesus’ comfort and example.  Let’s jump into the next part of Hebrews and see what God wants to speak to us!

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Study Three: Don’t Lose Heart!


From the box

For this study you’ll need:

  • Your Keep On Keeping On booklet
  • The eight pieces of blank card (held together by a clip).
  • The A4 sheet with the “Plant It” puzzle printed on it
  • Your Keep On Keeping On bookmark


Follow the along with Study Three.  Once you’ve completed the questions, you can check the answers on pages 51-52.  

You’ll need the eight pieces of blank card for Part 3 “Crop It”.  Write one strategy from your crossword on each card.  The cardboard is thick, so there’s no need to laminate them like the study suggests.  Pop the cards somewhere you’ll see them often! 

For the “Plant It” section, you’ll need the puzzle from your box, and a pair of scissors.  Cut out the pieces, then put the puzzle together twice – once one side up, and then the other.  As you learn the verse printed on the puzzle, think about the shape the puzzle makes and how it reminds you of what we’ve looked at today.

How did you go with this study? Did anything stand out to you, or do you have any questions? Let us know here:

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