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Welcome to this week’s Youth online! 

Hey Youth,

It was awesome hearing from so many of you after youth last Sunday – it’s fantastic that we can all keep doing the study together even though we can’t be in the same room.  Here are two photos from last week:

Make sure you send your photos in so that we can post them here!

Remember how last week you looked up some verses about prayer?

  • A song about prayer written by King David – Psalm 4:1
  • God speaking to King Solomon about prayer – 2 Chronicles 7:14
  • A description of Jesus going to pray – Matthew 14:23
  • Paul writing to his friends about prayer – Philippians 1:3-5

 Heaps of you filled in the feedback form and let us know which one stood out to you the most and why.  20% of you said the verse from Psalms stood out the most, 25% of you said 2 Chronicles stood out the most, 15% of you said Matthew stood out the most, and 40% of you said the verse from Philippians stood out the most!  We loved reading about how God spoke to you through these verses! 

This week we’re doing Study 1, which is called “Stop Babbling!” We don’t need lots of fancy words when we pray, we can talk to God honestly from our hearts.  We’d love to hear how you go, so pop a note in the feedback box at the bottom with any questions, reflections, thoughts or ideas that you have!

Your PBC Youth leaders 

Study 1: Stop Babbling!


05 – 04 – 20

From the box

For this study, you’ll need the following items from your box:

  • The “Pray This Way” booklet 
  • Your “Pray This Way” bookmark
  • The plain white sheet of paper
  • Obed’s most recent letter


Follow the along with Study 1 in “Pray This Way”.  You’ll need the white piece of paper when you get to Part 3.

 We’d love to see what you’ve done today!  Perhaps you could take a photo of your drawing of the story in 1 Kings (from Part 2), or your “waiting prayer” (from Part 3).  Or, see if someone can take a video of you doing the actions you make up for Matthew 6:7!  Send your pictures and videos to kaye@parramattabaptist.com (let us know if you’re happy for us to share your pictures and videos, or if they’re just for the leaders to look at).

If you’d like to chat to a leader about the “Get Thinking” survey in Part Three, let us know below and we will get in touch with you this week.

Once you’ve completed the study, you can mark it off on your ‘Pray This Way’ bookmark.


A couple of weeks ago, we received a new letter from our sponsor child, Obed.  Read through the copy of his letter in the box.  Spend some time praying for Obed.  Remember, you don’t need lots of fancy words to pray.  Just talk to God simply, telling him what’s on your heart.

 In the next week or two, we’ll be sending letters back to Obed.  If you like, take some time to write a letter to Obed now.  Tell him what you have been praying for him.  You might like to include an encouraging bible verse, ask him a question, tell him about yourself, or draw a picture.  You can scan your letter to kaye@parramattabaptist.com, or mail it to Parramatta Baptist Church, 84-94 Kleins Road, Northmead NSW 2152.  We’ll bundle them up together and send them to him.

How did you go with this study? Did anything stand out to you, or do you have any questions? Let us know here:

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Thank you

Thank you for getting involved with youth online today!

We pray that you’ve had a really good time of connecting with Jesus.

We look forward to connecting with you in new and exciting ways in this season!

We’re praying for you.

Your PBC Youth leaders