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Welcome to this week’s Youth online! 

Hey Youth,

Did you spot the youth leader dropping your Sunday morning youth box to your doorstep on Friday!?!

We hope that you got your box, and have had a chance to look inside. If you regularly come to youth on Sunday mornings (during the 8.45am or 10.45am services), but didn’t get a box, please let us know (by sending an email to kaye@parramattabaptist.com). We hope we had everyone’s correct address, but we want to make sure we get to you ASAP if it hasn’t yet arrived.

The box contains everything you need for the next eight weeks of Sunday morning youth. Every one of the 20 items has a specific purpose (including the chocolate – so don’t eat it yet! 🙂 ). Each week when you do the study, check out this webpage to see which items you’ll need and to read through some extra tips.

We’d also love to see a photo of you doing the study, so we can share it here for everyone to see next week – so please email me with your photo (make sure to check with your parents first).

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be looking at prayer. God knows everything, including who you are and what you need, and he hears us when we pray.

Our prayer for you is that as we do this study together, all of us would encounter God and grow closer to him through prayer!

Let’s jump in!

Your PBC Youth leaders

Getting Started: An Introductory Study

A short study to help us start thinking about prayer

29 – 03 – 20

From the box

This week you’ll need:

  • The “Pray This Way” bookletThis is the most important item in your box and will guide us through each study
  • Four pictures of people prayingThese are held together with a paper clip.
  • The “Pray This Way” bookmark
  • A photo of our group

Breaking Ground

If there’s a device currently free in your house, you can do a Google images search on the word ‘prayer’. If not, check out the four pictures of people praying from your box.

What sorts of images do you see? Which one most reflects what comes to mind for you when you hear the word “prayer”?

Dig it up

Which of the 4 verses or passages about prayer did you like the best? Why? Tell us here:

2 + 7 =

Complete the quiz, then check your answers (on page 57 of your booklet).

Once you’ve completed the quiz, you can take the bookmark from your box and use it to mark off each study as you complete it! Pop the bookmark into Matthew 6 in your Bible, to remind yourself to read through Matthew 6:7-13 at least a couple of times throughout this next week.


Let’s start putting this into practice straight away! Take the photo from your box to remind you of some of the people in our group (unfortunately not all of us are in it, so think about who is missing from the photo too!). Pray for a few people by name. If you have contact details for others in the group, you might even like to write out a prayer for one or two people and send it to them!

Coming up

We loved connecting with you on Friday over Zoom (at Emerge and Arise), and we’re going to do it again this week! Stay tuned for this week’s Zoom link. And, of course, we’ll see you here again next week (don’t forget to send through a photo of you doing the study!).

How did you go with this study? Quickly let us know here:

6 + 9 =

Thank you

Thank you for getting involved with youth online today!

We pray that you’ve had a really good time of connecting with Jesus.

We look forward to connecting with you in new and exciting ways in this season!

We’re praying for you.

Your PBC Youth leaders