Welcome to Sunday Morning Youth!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Youth Online! It is SO good to have you joining us! We have officially starting to meet again onsite at our morning services, so we are no longer providing weekly Youth Online activities for you to do at home. Instead, if you’re able to, come and join at our in-person services on Sunday mornings – we would love to have you there!

If you’re unable to join in-person, you can download the service sheet using the button to the right to do along with our Church Online videos each week. To use the service sheet, just print it at home on both sides on long edge and fold it down the middle!

What did we do in term 1?
How to read the Bible

In term 1 we looked at how to read the Bible and hear God’s voice from it, and each week we had videos and a challenge to go along with it! We looked at the fact that, in order to interpret and read the Bible well, we need to know both its context and its genre. Looking for context means that when we read books of the Bible, we need to look at how it fits in with the rest of the Bible, as well as when it was written, who wrote it and why. Finding the genre means that we need to find out what kind of book it is – ie. is it story, poetry, law, a letter, etc. – because, just like how country music is very different to rock music, books of the Bible can be very different too!

Each week we looked at how to read a different genre of book that’s in the Bible, and if you missed any of the videos we did, make sure you watch them on our PBC Youtube Channel! Below is also a helpful cheat sheet that briefly explains all that we learnt in the past term – go and give it a look! Feel free to send through any thoughts, comments or questions you may have in the comment box below too!!